Between Rawdon Street and Jodhpur Gardens, Kolkata. 7th November 2016.

My current work with an NGO based in Jodpur Gardens has enabled be give my camera regular outings. Keeping my eyes peeled and my X 100S close to hand my journey to work lends itself favorably to expanding my street photography repertoire. 

This Monday presented sights of young mothers tackling the day with school children in tow, the hustle and bustle of daily commuters, harassed couples struggling to make it to work on time and other everyday happenings. Most people have little time or patience to observe the world around them, however the less fortunate have little choice but to sit back and observe. Smokers tend to be a breed apart and always seem to be able to squeeze out a little time for a contemplative smoke. 


Diverse Twosomes – Pujo 2016, Kolkata. Black & White

This is the second segment of my documentation of diverse pairings during the annual Puja celebrations in Kolkata. While colour and vibrance lies at the heart of the festivities, black and white is largely in tune with the history and tradition of Kolkata and its ancient festival, often stripping away the layers of gloss and exposing the soul within.


Diverse Twosomes – Pujo 2016, Kolkata. Colour

The pujas as usual took Kolkata by storm. While most of Kolkata’s denizens visited the festivities in droves, many preferred more personal twosomes. In addition to the mandatory young couples these pujas saw a variety of diverse pairings exploring the sights and sounds, patiently observing the frenzied hustle and bustle, indulging in a bit of adda or simply carrying on with their everyday lives almost oblivious to the whirlwind of activity that gripped their city.



A post monsoon downpour takes Kolkata by Surprise – 3rd November 2016

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

dscf6179A bright sunny November day suddenly grew overcast and a violent thunderstorm caught Kolkata and its citizens by surprise. An intense and violent deluge inundated Kolkata’s streets and sent its transport system into disarray. Making my way back to Rawdon Street from Jodhpur Park just as the deluge broke I was able to capture a few glimpses of the impact of this brief but violent storm on Kolkata’s residents.

Bikers and pedestrians take refuge at a bus stop at Gol Park.
The android rules supreme.
A quick deluge only serves to heighten the romance.
Newly renovated bus stops reestablished their utility despite struggling to face the entire brunt of the storm.
Waterlogged main roads brought back memories of Kolkata’s bitter sweet relationship with the monsoons.
A plastic bag offers scanty protection against the downpour.