Theater Road – Between Rawdon Street and Seven Point Crossing. Colour

This is the second segment of my Theater Road series. The people who call this road their own bring a variety of different colours and hues with them. Some colours and colour combinations dominate the landscape, like the yellow and green of the share autos, the bright yellow taxis and the blue buses with yellow horizontal stripes. While Mamta Banerjee’s blue and white colour scheme stands out in its effort to brighten up the street, on the whole this stretch of road has a faded hue reflective of an aging city struggling to find its feet in the 21st Century.

picture-677243640picture-166437000dscf6660dscf6636dscf6606dscf6590dscf6631picture-728502392picture-660797928dscf7978dscf6724dscf4211picture-748336184dscf0173dscf6688dscf6663picture-1128327448Please do leave your feedback so that I can improve my street photography.


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