Theater Road – Between Rawdon Street and Seven Point Crossing. Black and White

Ever since my return to Kolkata in November 2016 my work, daily errands and commutes to other parts of the city has made the patch of Thearte Road between Rawdon Street and Seven Point Crossing my home beat.

This has revealed the varied facets and character of this short stretch of road in the heart of Kolkata. Daily commutes have exposed me to people from all walks of life, a variety of economic pursuits, a majority of city’s modes of transport and Kolkata’s different moods. Being at the heart of the city this stretch is almost forever bustling with life. Thousands and thousands of footfalls are experienced daily and a variety of entrepreneurs catering to people of all economic backgrounds have made the street and its footpaths their work place.

While a majority of the pedestrians and commuters are rushing between destinations, there are many who have a more leisurely approach to their journeys. This series,the first segment of which is in Black and White, represents my observations and experiences while going about my daily routine.

Please feel free to leave your feedback and inputs so that I can improve and strengthen my work.



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